Redsharknews – a quick link to various articles written  in my current role as contributor to this industry leading website for moving image and technology professionals.

Terry Gilliam – in-depth interview with director Terry Gilliam, discussing his career and latest movie, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. FILMSTAR MAGAZINE (downloadable PDF)

District 9 – interview feature with the film’s director, Neill Blomkamp. FILMSTAR MAGAZINE (downloadable PDF)

Alan Wilder – interview with one of the founding members of Depeche Mode. FUTURE MUSIC MAGAZINE

Patrice Leconte – an appraisal of the work of the French film director. UNPUBLISHED (downloadable PDF)

Inglourious Basterds – movie review. FILMSTAR MAGAZINE

H.R. Giger – interview with the legendary artist about his work on Alien. 3D WORLD MAGAZINE

Alex Cox – director interview. FILMSTAR MAGAZINE

Wall-E – interview with Pixar about the creation of its blockbuster movie. COMPUTER ARTS MAGAZINE

Peter Pan – interview with ILM about its visual effects work on the movie. ANIMATION WORLD NETWORK.COM

Weta Digital – interview with the studio responsible for The Lord of The Rings and King Kong. ANIMATION WORLD NETWORK.COM

Guinness – a history of the brewer’s branding and advertising campaigns. COMPUTER ARTS MAGAZINE

District 9 – movie review. FILMSTAR MAGAZINE

The Ultimate Art Portfolio – article. COMPUTER ARTS MAGAZINE

Ten Golden Rules For Freelancers – article. CREATIVEPOOL.COM

Animation Project Pitching – article. 3D WORLD MAGAZINE

How To Get Ahead In The Advertising Industry – article. COMPUTER ARTS

George Michael – mini artist profile. REAL.COM

Blur – another mini artist profile from a selection of around 100. REAL.COM

Why 3D Education Isn’t Working – article. 3D WORLD MAGAZINE

Fiat Lux – article about Paul Debevec’s milestone 3D animated short. 3D WORLD MAGAZINE

The Guardian – interview with Fusion CI Studios about its work on the Kevin Costner movie. 3D WORLD MAGAZINE

Outsourcing Survival Kit – article offering an in-depth examination of outsourcing in the visual effects and animation industries. 3D WORLD

PC hardware review – one of dozens written over the years. PC FORMAT MAGAZINE

The Art Of Machinima – article. 3D WORLD MAGAZINE

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